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Pet Color : Black and Tan

Advertiser : Individual

Seller ID : #PS9

Pets in Litter: 1  Male / 0 Female

Age : 01 Year   07 Month(s)  18 Day(s)

DOB : 26-10-2022

Ready To Leave : 05-01-2023

Microchiped : Yes

Vaccinated : Yes

Wormed/ Flead : Yes

Health Check : Yes


You have the unique opportunity to own an East European Shepherd .

Please bear in mind- East European Shepherd is NOT A VARIETY of German Shepherd- VEO is an absolutely different, independent breed.

If you are looking for an incredibly intelligent, easily trainable, faithful, healthy, and over all a dog who will be your family's best friend and protector this is the dog for you.

Puppies are born and raised in the UK and our kennel is the only and first who professionally breed these dogs in the UK for 5 years now.

Here are some comments from our puppy owners from previous litters:

"He's the best dog I've ever trained, and is amazing feel free to use him as an example for future customers."

"such a wonderful dog, family loves her to bits"

"she is such a faithful and true dog thank you for such a lovely animal"

You are welcome to visit East European Shepherd Breed Club UK Facebook Page :

The East European Shepherd (in Russian: Vostochno Evropeyskaya Ovcharka (VEO)) is a breed of dog that was developed in the 1930-1950s in the Soviet Union based on German Shepherds to create a larger, more hardy and enduring, cold-resistant breed (breeds such as Laika, Caucasian shepherd and some other Aborigine breeds were crossed with) for military use, police work and border guard duties. Another of the main reasons for the development of VEO was to get rid of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, common diseases in German Shepherds. As a result, VEO are straight backed, larger and much healthier dogs than German shepherds. The East-European Shepherd has a wider gene pool than most purebred dogs and has also been bred almost exclusively as a working dog. This breed is generally considered to be in very good health, especially when compared to other modern pure-bred dogs. Both parents are full pedigree VEO, imported and now live in our kennel. Parents of puppies come from long established working and Champion lines and have full export pedigrees from original countries. Here is the link to the video about this breed history and description:

Most other information about the breed on online sources in English is limited and often incorrect or distorted.

Puppies are:

well socialised, regularly dewormed, deflead, microchipped, fully vaccinated, health checked by vet. To the new owners will come with: 4wks free insurance, with 3 gen pedigree, sales contract, bag of food, full advice and lifetime support.



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You have the unique opportunity to own an East Europe

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