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Gorgeous bengal kittens

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Pet Color : Mix Colours

Advertiser : Individual

Seller ID : #PS22

Pets in Litter: 3  Male / 2 Female

Age : 01 Year   11 Month(s)  4 Day(s)

DOB : 09-07-2022

Ready To Leave : 2022-12-16

Vaccinated : Yes

Wormed/ Flead : Yes

Health Check : Yes

5 gorgeous bengal kittens still waiting for their forever homes

3 boys- 2 snow lynx and 1 brown
2 snow lynx females

All kittens love to play with each other and their feather stick and toys

They love sleeping in bed with their human at night time, in the morning after they have played they usually sleep on the cat tree or snuggle with their Mum on the bed

They eat wet and dry kitten food

They are litter trained

The biggest snow lynx boy is like a puppy and will follow you where ever you go and will rub his neck all over you and loves attention. His markings are slowly developing but I can already tell they will be nice big rosseted.

The second snow lynx boy has absolutely gorgeous markings. He is such a sweet heart and loves to get hugs and kisses.

The third boy is a brown rosetted bengal who also has stunning doughnut rossetes. This baby boy is a little jealous and if he sees another kitten getting kisses or hugs he will nudge them and try to get all the attention to himself. He purrs gorgeously at night when he sleeps with his human.

The snow lynx female kitten with the most markings is a little shy but when she gets to know the person she is a sweet heart and she will rub all over you. Her fur feels fluffy and silky just like her Mum. I love hugging her and melting into her chubby cheeks lol.

The second snow lynx female kitten is still developing her rossetes. She is absolutely gorgeous and loves hugs and kisses and she also likes more attention than the others. She loves to sleep with her human. She has the cutest meows ever.

The dad is a pedigree brown rosetted Tica registered bengal
The mother is a pedigree snow lynx bengal

Kitten will come with a goody bag with some food and toys

Rosie S.



5 gorgeous bengal kittens still waiting for their forever homes

3 boys-

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